About us


An amazing country dance show full of dance and rhythm. An original and exciting performance which has not been in Europe yet! The energy and enthusiasm of the young dancers will blow you away the first minute you see them. The program is full of distinctive individual dancing, first-rate performances and a high level of professionalism and charisma.

The original choreography has been created by professional choreographers, which have over 20 years experience and has received many awards. Performed live on stage, the show combines traditional and modern country dances with dancing virtuosity, sophisticated footwork, and the fascinating rhythm of clogging (American tap dance). This creates an impeccable country dancing show which has never been in Europe before!

CARAMELKA a group of young dancers from the heart of Europe (Prague), who successfully perform on stages of European country festivals. The group has participated in over six hundred performances in different seven hundred countries in Europe. All country dancing styles from traditional classical country to the modern county dance styles, clogging (American country step), cancan and Irish step are to be found in the colourful repertoire.

The program is divided into individual dancing performances of 10 to 20 minutes or a continuous dancing performance of about 30 to 90 minutes in numbers from 4 to 14 dancers. You can see the dance group Caramelka at country festivals, social and cultural events, company and charity events, fashion shows and sport events.