Caramelka entstand im Jahre 2000 als eine Country-Tanzgruppe begabter Kinder im Alter von 6 bis 8 Jahren. Die Gruppe hat einen langen Entwicklungsweg durchgemacht und erlebte zahlreiche Änderungen. Viele Kinder sind hinzugekommen, einige haben es ganz aufgegeben. Aber diejenigen, die geblieben sind, sind unter der Führung der erfahrenen Choreographin Jarmila Vasakova auf ein professionelles Tanzniveau gestiegen. Aus Kindern sind technisch außergewöhnliche und ausdrucksvolle Tänzer geworden, die ihr Publikum entzücken und zum begeisterten Beifall hinreißen. Es ist offensichtlich, wie gut die Gruppe eingespielt ist - bei Vorführungen sowie außerhalb der Bühne.


Believe it or not, it had been us... We were 12 or 10 or - for someone - only 6 years old when we started to dance at Caramelka. We have been working hard from this early childhood. Now - you can see the results ;-)


The very first gym for the most of the dancers - and our favourite. We were trainig there since September 2003 till april 2009.

Jarka, when do you allow me to wear tap shoes? I don't like these gym shoes anymore...


One of the first public performance

Sometimes we had a time for talking at the backstage


My father have been dancing at Caramella... there was no other way for me...

... so was my mum... no choice for me too :-)))


Our first "real" costumes

Oops, we have to dance with hats...


One day we met czech singer Heidi

She started to dance with us, and she was quite good


She manages dancing and singing together

We had been groving up and we had started to appear on a bigger events


We are learning how to pose to photographers

... and we are now much taller then Heidi


Lot of the dancers are from Prague part 6 and we like to perform at Prague 6 events

This is a really good jump!


It was a very big success at Berlin...

First time at Slovakia - Lodenica country festival


Nuernberg, one photo with our chiefs - Jarka and Tomas

Sometimes we refuse to dance only "Country" :-)

PF 2009
Time never stops... and we are bigger and bigger group...


Our "juniors" are working hard...

We will catch up "seniors" soon!


Caramelka's posters are commonly seen throughout Europe.

And everywhere is someone who wants a picture with us!


Some of us have a motorbike driver license.

Some are still waiting for it...


It't is boring to dance only by legs.

I agree!


And we are still low of boys!

May be they are scared of us?


We have a new nice Wrangler costumes.

And our boys are fine!


It may happen that our Lucky-Horse hats falls down...

And somtimes we are close to fall down.


We are nice from both sides.

But we have a lot of vices too.









Wild animals riding...


Midnight swimming...

Inability to wear appropriate socks.


Our first performance at Switzerland was so ingredible
that organizer rebuilded program for the next day to have us on the main stage!

We have enjoyed our free time at festival!



6 times cancan during New Years Eve - no problem and with smile :-)


We know how to be tough.

H-E-L-P ... it's freeeeezing.


Here we are.

PF 2010


Profesional atelier photography...

... is really hard work.


And properly install a sound system

... is not a funny task for sure.


At one of the biggest Europe festivals (Interlaken)...

... boys are losing a solid ground under legs


Festival in Germany - pure hen party

Beware of the six-head dragon!!!

PF 2010
New Years Eve 2011

PF 2010


You cannot imagine...

... the heaviness.


We can find friends everywhere

And we do celebrate every birthday





We can fly

Just taking off


This time we landed here

But we were not permitted to go inside...